23researchthings – Thing 3 – managing my online identity

‘Your identity is the sum of your characteristics’

So, ‘Thing 3’ on 23researchthings is about investigating one’s online presence.

First off, I googled myself. No massive surprises at the top of the page (except that there are at least 4 people with my fairly unusual name on Linked In) – all the references were to me and my current job. However, item 7 is a bit of a surprise – I have an entry on IMDB!?!?!?! Turns out this is for a video I did for a professional institution I’m involved in.

So much for that. The next task was to investigate whether I’d been ‘pwned’ – have any of my online accounts been compromised. It turns out I’ve been pwned twice – both for accounts I have no recollection of ever having, and the events in question happened in 2012 and 2013 respectively. So, I’m not sure what, if anything, I could/ should be donig about that. Still, it could be a lot worse (and I think I’ve been lucky to be honest – my LinkedIn account could have been hacked but wasn’t).

So, this is my second blog. Quite fun so far. I’m aware that Things 4, 5 and 6 are already up there to do though. Must get on with it!



I spotted ’23 Research Things’ and thought I’d give it a go – reasons below in ‘Thing 1’.

Thing 2 is to create a blog – which is this. I’ve called it ‘Will I ever be ready’ – partly in tribute to a wise old man of the country I used to know, and partly as an inside joke, as I always feel I’m about 359 degrees behind the curve!

Thing 1 is to say what I hope I’ll get out of participating in 23 Research Things. Well, here goes, in no particular order:

  • overcome my fear/ antipathy of ‘social media-y things’
  • explore what ‘Things’ are out there to be used
  • figure out how to use them, effectively!

I suspect this list might get more refined as I go on. In which case I’ll post a ‘Thing 1 update’ at some point.

23researchthings – Things 1 & 2